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These two books are direct fall-out of the need to make Nigeria better in policy making and legislation both for the government and its private sector collaborators.

Authored by the President, Garden City Premier Business School, the books are borne out of the idea that Nigeria possess all what it takes (i.e strategic frontier, strategic resource and endowment that makes a country to stand out from its peers) to transform to a developed country from its emerging status. This belief is further reinforced when we look at countries like South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia etc., that have transited to enviable position as Nigeria’s contemporaries at Independence in 1960.

The author further opined that for Nigeria to achieve the First world status, it must push for meritocracy beyond ethnicity and nepotism. He noted further that, China is where it is today because of the pursuit of meritocracy and appointment to public offices by virtue of excellence. Thus, a true Nigerian Dream has to be crafted and be vigorously pursued and implemented. A true Nigerian Dream must be inclusive and provide the opportunity for anyone to rise to any level of leadership irrespective of background or ethnic coloration.