Masters in Health Care Management


Garden City Premier Business School is an internationally accredited business school located in Port Harcourt, Nigeria that provides professionals, executives, academics and business people with professional and management education across the private and public sectors.

Garden City Premier Business School has a global perspective, approach and international collaborations as well as renowned academic and professional staff and partners .We deploy three way model in transferring knowledge to our students and other learners through policy analysis, business analysis and academic research. We wholeheartedly take this holistic perspective as our responsibility for training people who will add value to the global business environment.


Industry Leadership

  • Top management positions in major corporations often require advanced degrees
  • Top consulting firms rely on expert skills acquired through advanced degrees
  • Top technical positions usually require advanced degrees
  • Faculty positions in universities require PhD degrees

International Activity

  • International government and industry officials are highly attuned to the value of graduate degrees. Many of them hold advanced degrees, and they greatly respect business partners as well
  • Consultants who have advanced degrees have a significant advantage in obtaining contracts for overseas work

Personal Growth

  • GCPBS graduate research groups are diverse, providing students opportunities to work and study with an intelligent, motivated group around the world.
  • GCPBS graduate research teams provide important training for the team membership and management that are in high demand in industry today.
  • GCPBS offers independent research opportunities that helps students improve their critical thinking skills
  • Writing and defending the thesis, capstone projects and conference papers improves written and oral presentation skills

Career Opportunities

  • Companies looking for the best professionals, trust the advance degrees we offer in GCPBS
  • Companies recognize excellence and tag high-potential employees to rise rapidly in the organization
  • Graduate presentations and publications give students an opportunity to make valuable industry contacts that lead to good job offers and boost their professional reputation

Contributions to the Industry

  • GCPBS graduate studies move from the general overview of the industry that undergraduate provides to in-depth knowledge of specific areas.
  • GCPBS graduate courses provide skills and tools for complicated economic and management problems and especially our research and capstone projects help to solve some of these problems.
  • The combination of the increased understanding of the problems with the skills and tools to solve them provides the path to developing the business and economic models for the future.


  • EGS-European Global School-University, Paris
  • AABS-Association of African Business Schools
  • ICM-Institute of Commercial Management, United Kingdom

    In addition, it is a member or affiliate of the following organizations:

  • Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria(CIBN)
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria(ICAN)
  • Institute of Chartered Economists of Nigeria(ICEN)


A flexible MSc for working professionals

Pursue your career while earning a European Global School, Paris- accredited degree in Port Harcourt that will elevate your career to a new height with the following benefits:

  • Leadership skills that enhance effective collaboration.
  • Deeper understanding of the factors that cause organizational dysfunction and how to change them. 
  • Mastery of the business vocabulary and skills applicable to any type of healthcare organization.
  • Personal growth through close interaction with faculty and peers in and out of classroom.
  • Build the skills, knowledge, and network you need to increase your salary and succeed in the global stage.

Today, leading a health care organization takes more than the ability to treat patients. Physicians in managerial roles need to balance financial responsibilities, competitive pressure and human resource needs in order to streamline the health delivery system.

The Masters in Health Care Management program offers valuable experience and useful knowledge in a results-oriented environment.

Our teaching methods combined with extensive peer collaboration, the degree program keeps clinical executives on top of trends, issues and competitive strategies unique to the modern health care system.



  • Statistical Reasoning in Public Health
  • Introduction to Health Care System
  • Current Topics in Public Health
  • Legal and Ethical Issues in Health Services